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AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty

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What is AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty (DAS-C01) Exam ?

The AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty Exam is a certification exam offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that validates an individual's expertise in designing and implementing scalable, cost-effective, and secure data analytics solutions on AWS.

This exam is designed for individuals who have a deep understanding of data analytics technologies and at least five years of experience with data analytics. It covers a range of topics including data collection, storage, processing, analysis, visualization, and security.

To pass the exam, candidates must demonstrate their ability to design and implement scalable and cost-effective data analytics solutions using AWS services, as well as troubleshoot common issues and optimize performance.

Achieving this certification can help individuals demonstrate their skills and knowledge to potential employers and enhance their career prospects in the cloud computing industry. Additionally, this certification can help data analytics professionals differentiate themselves in the market and demonstrate their ability to design and manage advanced data analytics solutions on the AWS platform.

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Amazon DAS-C01 Exam Sample Questions

Question 1

A bank is using Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) to populate real-time data into a data lake The data lake is built on Amazon S3, and data must be accessible from the data lake within 24 hours Different microservices produce messages to different topics in the cluster The cluster is created with 8 TB of Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) storage and a retention period of 7 days The customer transaction volume has tripled recently and disk monitoring has provided an alert that the cluster is almost out of storage capacity What should a data analytics specialist do to prevent the cluster from running out of disk space1? 

A. Use the Amazon MSK console to triple the broker storage and restart the cluster 
B. Create an Amazon CloudWatch alarm that monitors the KafkaDataLogsDiskUsed metric Automatically flush the oldest messages when the value of this metric exceeds 85% 
C. Create a custom Amazon MSK configuration Set the log retention hours parameter to 48 Update the cluster with the new configuration file 
D. Triple the number of consumers to ensure that data is consumed as soon as it is added to a topic.

Answer: B

Question 2

An online retail company uses Amazon Redshift to store historical sales transactions. The company is required to encrypt data at rest in the clusters to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). A corporate governance policy mandates management of encryption keys using an on-premises hardware security module (HSM). Which solution meets these requirements? 

A. Create and manage encryption keys using AWS CloudHSM Classic. Launch an Amazon Redshift cluster in a VPC with the option to use CloudHSM Classic for key management. 
B. Create a VPC and establish a VPN connection between the VPC and the on-premises network. Create an HSM connection and client certificate for the on-premises HSM. Launch a cluster in the VPC with the option to use the on-premises HSM to store keys. 
C. Create an HSM connection and client certificate for the on-premises HSM. Enable HSM encryption on the existing unencrypted cluster by modifying the cluster. Connect to the VPC where the Amazon Redshift cluster resides from the on-premises network using a VPN. 
D. Create a replica of the on-premises HSM in AWS CloudHSM. Launch a cluster in a VPC with the option to use CloudHSM to store keys.

Answer: B

Question 3

A hospital uses an electronic health records (EHR) system to collect two types of data • Patient information, which includes a patient's name and address • Diagnostic tests conducted and the results of these tests Patient information is expected to change periodically Existing diagnostic test data never changes and only new records are added The hospital runs an Amazon Redshift cluster with four dc2.large nodes and wants to automate the ingestion of the patient information and diagnostic test data into respective Amazon Redshift tables for analysis The EHR system exports data as CSV files to an Amazon S3 bucket on a daily basis Two sets of CSV files are generated One set of files is for patient information with updates, deletes, and inserts The other set of files is for new diagnostic test data only What is the MOST cost-effective solution to meet these requirements? 

A. Use Amazon EMR with Apache Hudi. Run daily ETL jobs using Apache Spark and the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver 
B. Use an AWS Glue crawler to catalog the data in Amazon S3 Use Amazon Redshift Spectrum to perform scheduled queries of the data in Amazon S3 and ingest the data into the patient information table and the diagnostic tests table. 
C. Use an AWS Lambda function to run a COPY command that appends new diagnostic test data to the diagnostic tests table Run another COPY command to load the patient information data into the staging tables Use a stored procedure to handle create update, and delete operations for the patient information table 
D. Use AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) to collect and process change data capture (CDC) records Use the COPY command to load patient information data into the staging tables. Use a stored procedure to handle create, update and delete operations for the patient information table

Answer: B

Question 4

A marketing company collects clickstream data The company sends the data to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and stores the data in Amazon S3 The company wants to build a series of dashboards that will be used by hundreds of users across different departments The company will use Amazon QuickSight to develop these dashboards The company has limited resources and wants a solution that could scale and provide daily updates about clickstream activity Which combination of options will provide the MOST cost-effective solution? (Select TWO )

A. Use Amazon Redshift to store and query the clickstream data 
B. Use QuickSight with a direct SQL query 
C. Use Amazon Athena to query the clickstream data in Amazon S3 
D. Use S3 analytics to query the clickstream data 
E. Use the QuickSight SPICE engine with a daily refresh 

Answer: B,D

Question 5

A gaming company is collecting cllckstream data into multiple Amazon Kinesis data streams. The company uses Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose delivery streams to store the data in JSON format in Amazon S3 Data scientists use Amazon Athena to query the most recent data and derive business insights. The company wants to reduce its Athena costs without having to recreate the data pipeline. The company prefers a solution that will require less management effort Which set of actions can the data scientists take immediately to reduce costs? 

A. Change the Kinesis Data Firehose output format to Apache Parquet Provide a custom S3 object YYYYMMDD prefix expression and specify a large buffer size For the existing data, run an AWS Glue ETL job to combine and convert small JSON files to large Parquet files and add the YYYYMMDD prefix Use ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION to reflect the partition on the existing Athena table. 
B. Create an Apache Spark Job that combines and converts JSON files to Apache Parquet files Launch an Amazon EMR ephemeral cluster daily to run the Spark job to create new Parquet files in a different S3 location Use ALTER TABLE SET LOCATION to reflect the new S3 location on the existing Athena table. 
C. Create a Kinesis data stream as a delivery target for Kinesis Data Firehose Run Apache Flink on Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics on the stream to read the streaming data, aggregate ikand save it to Amazon S3 in Apache Parquet format with a custom S3 object YYYYMMDD prefix Use ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION to reflect the partition on the existing Athena table 
D. Integrate an AWS Lambda function with Kinesis Data Firehose to convert source records to Apache Parquet and write them to Amazon S3 In parallel, run an AWS Glue ETL job to combine and convert existing JSON files to large Parquet files Create a custom S3 object YYYYMMDD prefix Use ALTER TABLE ADD PARTITION to reflect the partition on the existing Athena table.

Answer: D

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