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AWS Certified Database - Specialty

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Exam Code DBS-C01
Exam Name AWS Certified Database - Specialty
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Update Date July 11,2024
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Amazon DBS-C01 Exam Sample Questions

Question 1

A company's development team needs to have production data restored in a staging AWS account. The production database is running on an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL Multi-AZ DB instance, which has AWS KMS encryption enabled using the default KMS key. A database specialist planned to share the most recent automated snapshot with the staging account, but discovered that the option to share snapshots is disabled in the AWS Management Console. What should the database specialist do to resolve this? 

A. Disable automated backups in the DB instance. Share both the automated snapshot and the default KMS key with the staging account. Restore the snapshot in the staging account and enable automated backups. 
B. Copy the automated snapshot specifying a custom KMS encryption key. Share both the copied snapshot and the custom KMS encryption key with the staging account. Restore the snapshot to the staging account within the same Region. 
C. Modify the DB instance to use a custom KMS encryption key. Share both the automated snapshot and the custom KMS encryption key with the staging account. Restore the snapshot in the staging account. 
D. Copy the automated snapshot while keeping the default KMS key. Share both the snapshot and the default KMS key with the staging account. Restore the snapshot in the staging account. 

Answer: B

Question 2

An online retail company is planning a multi-day flash sale that must support processing of up to 5,000 orders per second. The number of orders and exact schedule for the sale will vary each day. During the sale, approximately 10,000 concurrent users will look at the deals before buying items. Outside of the sale, the traffic volume is very low. The acceptable performance for read/write queries should be under 25 ms. Order items are about 2 KB in size and have a unique identifier. The company requires the most costeffective solution that will automatically scale and is highly available. Which solution meets these requirements?

A. Amazon DynamoDB with on-demand capacity mode 
B. Amazon Aurora with one writer node and an Aurora Replica with the parallel query feature enabled 
C. Amazon DynamoDB with provisioned capacity mode with 5,000 write capacity units (WCUs) and 10,000 read capacity units (RCUs) 
D. Amazon Aurora with one writer node and two cross-Region Aurora Replicas 

Answer: A

Question 3

A company wants to build a new invoicing service for its cloud-native application on AWS. The company has a small development team and wants to focus on service feature development and minimize operations and maintenance as much as possible. The company expects the service to handle billions of requests and millions of new records every day. The service feature requirements, including data access patterns are welldefined. The service has an availability target of 99.99% with a milliseconds latency requirement. The database for the service will be the system of record for invoicing data. Which database solution meets these requirements at the LOWEST cost?

A. Amazon Neptune 
B. Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL Serverless 
C. Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL 
D. Amazon DynamoDB 

Answer: D

Question 4

Recently, a gaming firm purchased a popular iOS game that is especially popular during the Christmas season. The business has opted to include a leaderboard into the game, which will be powered by Amazon DynamoDB. The application's load is likely to increase significantly throughout the Christmas season. Which solution satisfies these criteria at the lowest possible cost?

A. DynamoDB Streams 
B. DynamoDB with DynamoDB Accelerator 
C. DynamoDB with on-demand capacity mode 
D. DynamoDB with provisioned capacity mode with Auto Scaling 

Answer: D

Question 5

An ecommerce company uses a backend application that stores data in an Amazon DynamoDB table. The backend application runs in a private subnet in a VPC and must connect to this table. The company must minimize any network latency that results from network connectivity issues, even during periods of heavy application usage. A database administrator also needs the ability to use a private connection to connect to the DynamoDB table from the application. Which solution will meet these requirements? 

A. Use network ACLs to ensure that any outgoing or incoming connections to any port except DynamoDB are deactivated. Encrypt API calls by using TLS.
 B. Create a VPC endpoint for DynamoDB in the application's VPC. Use the VPC endpoint to access the table. 
C. Create an AWS Lambda function that has access to DynamoDB. Restrict outgoing access only to this Lambda function from the application. 
D. Use a VPN to route all communication to DynamoDB through the company's own corporate network infrastructure. 

Answer: B

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