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Exam Code PAS-C01
Exam Name AWS Certified: SAP on AWS - Specialty
Questions 65
Update Date May 29,2023
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What is AWS Certified: SAP on AWS - Specialty PAS-C01 Exam?

The AWS Certified: SAP on AWS - Specialty PAS-C01 exam is a certification exam offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that tests a candidate's knowledge and skills in the area of deploying and managing SAP applications on AWS using the SAP Private Cloud Edition (SAP PCE). This exam is designed for professionals who have experience in deploying, migrating, and managing SAP systems on AWS using SAP PCE.

The exam covers a range of topics, including:
  • Architecture and technical considerations for deploying SAP PCE on AWS
  • SAP PCE deployment and migration on AWS
  • SAP PCE backup and recovery on AWS
  • SAP PCE monitoring and operations on AWS
  • The exam consists of multiple-choice and multiple-response questions and is timed at 170 minutes. The passing score is 750 out of a possible 1000 points.

    Candidates should have experience in deploying and managing SAP systems using SAP PCE, as well as experience with AWS services and architecture. It is also recommended that candidates have completed the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate exam before attempting the SAP on AWS - Specialty exam.

    Achieving this certification demonstrates that the candidate has the skills and knowledge necessary to deploy, migrate, and manage SAP systems on AWS using SAP PCE, and can be a valuable asset to organizations looking to leverage AWS for their SAP workloads using SAP PCE.

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    Amazon PAS-C01 Exam Sample Questions

    Question 1

    A company is using SAP NetWeaver with Java on AWS The company has updated its generation of Amazon EC2 instances to the most recent generation of EC2 instances When the company tries to start SAP the startup fails The tog indicates that the SAP license expired Of is not valid.   What is the reason for this issue?   

    A. The instance ID changed as part of the EC2 generation change   
    B. The instance's hypervisor changed from Xen to Nitro   
    C. The SAP Java Virtual Machine (SAP JVM) is not compatible with the new instance type   
    D. An EC2 generation change is not supported for SAP Java-based systems  

    Answer: B

    Question 2

    A company has an SAP environment that runs on AWS. The company wants to enhance security by restricting Amazon EC2 Instance Metadata Service (IMDS) to IMDSv2 only. The company's current configuration option supports both iMDSvi and iM0Sv2. The security enhancement must not create an SAP outage.   What should the company do before it applies the security enhancement on EC2 instances that are running the SAP environment?  

     A. Ensure that the SAP kernel versions are 7 45 or later   
    B. Ensure that the EC2 instances are Nitro based   
    C. Ensure that the AWS Data Provider for SAP is installed on each EC2 instance
    D. Stop the EC2 instances  

    Answer: A

    Question 3

    A company wants to migrate its SAP S/4HANA software from on premises to AWS in a few weeks An SAP solutions architect plans to use AWS Launch Wizard for SAP to automate me SAP deployment on AWS   Which combination of steps must the SAP solutions architect take to use Launch Wizard to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)  

     A. Download the SAP software files from the SAP Support Portal Upload the SAP software files to Amazon S3 Provide the S3 bucket path as an input to Launch Wizard   
    B. Provide the SAP S-user ID and password as inputs to Launch Wizard to download the software automatically.   
    C. Format the S3 Tile path syntax according to the Launch Wizard deployment recommendation   
    D. Use an AWS CloudFormation template for the automated deployment of the SAP landscape   
    E. Provision Amazon EC2 instances Tag the instances to install SAP S'4HANA on them  

    Answer: A,D

    Question 4

    A company runs its SAP ERP 6 0 EHP 8 system on SAP HANAon AWS The system is deployed on an r4 I6xlarge Amazon EC2 instance with default tenancy. The company needs to migrate the SAP HANA database to an x2gd/.6xiarge High Memory instance After an operations engineer changes the instance type and starts the instance the AWS Management Console shows a failed instance status check   What is the cause of this problem?

    A. The operations engineer missed the network configuration step during the post-migration activities   
    B. The operations engineer missed the Amazon CloudWatch configuration step during the post-migration activities.   
    C. The operations engineer did not install Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) drivers before changing the instance type   
    D. The operations engineer did not create a new AMI from the original instance and did not launch a new instance with dedicated tenancy from the AMI  

    Answer: D

    Question 5

    A company is using a multi-account strategy for SAP HANA and SAP BW 4HANA instances across development QA and production systems m the same AWS Region Each system is hosted m its own VPC The company needs to establish cross-VPC communication between the SAP systems.   The company might add more SAP systems m the future. The company must create connectivity across the SAP systems and hundreds of AWS accounts. The solution must maximize scalability and reliability.   Which solution will meet these requirements?   

    A. Create an AWS Transit Gateway in a central networking account Attach the transit gateway to the AWS accounts Set up routing and a network ACL to establish communication   
    B. Set up VPC peering between the accounts Configure routing in each VPC to use the VPC peering links   
    C. Create a transit VPC that uses the hub-and-spoke model set up routing to use the transit VPC for communication between the SAP systems   
    D. Create a VPC link for each SAP system Use the VPC links to connect the SAP systems  

    Answer: A

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